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Teaching Kids About Food & Printable Guide

Over the last century, supermarkets have grown bigger and bigger. They now sell over 40,000 food items. What is all that stuff? With so much to choose from, how do we know we’re feeding our kids well? All that marketing doesn’t help our choices either. It’s no wonder food and nutrition is so confusing these days. Where do we even begin teaching kids about food when we, as adults, don’t understand either? I think we can start by taking a step back and considering what is real food.

If it’s a plant, eat it. If it was made in a plant, don’t.”

Michael Pollan – Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual

While it is difficult to live by this simple rule, and real food isn’t limited to just plants, it’s a good starting point. Once we know the difference, we can start teaching our kids about food. It is so important to teach kids about real food because everything we do in life starts with real food. Knowing the difference and being able to make some healthy choices on their own, starts kids off on a healthy path that sets them up for future health and success.

To help parents, teachers and others who educate kids and families about food, here’s a little resource with 5 ways to teach kids about food. The overarching theme is “real food” and takes a few extra steps to help kids learn to appreciate and respect food. You can use this guide in your classroom or post it to your fridge for reference. The link to download is below.

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I hope this helps or even sparks other ideas for how you can educate your kids more about food both at home and in the classroom. Feel free to leave a comment with other ideas and tips you’ve used. Keep me posted! ~Wish you all the best~ Deb

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